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Cloud Integration

Posted by Wiebo on 11 Jan, 2016

At this time of year, many predictions are made about the trends we expect to see in the year ahead. Of all the predictions, the increasing rate of cloud adoption is one of the most popular. Whether it is public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid...


Consuming APIs with cURL

Posted by Mark on 09 Nov, 2015

Performing operations on any API can be done quite simply with a little scripting and cURL. From the man-page, cURL is described as a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using one of the supported protocols (DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER,...


Private Beta Announcement

Posted by Wiebo on 27 Oct, 2015

After many months of discussion, design and development we're ready to release our service to a limited number of Beta users. We want to get everything perfect but we can't do that without your help. We are looking for a number of users who share...


API Definition Standards

Posted by Wiebo on 23 Sep, 2015

With the number of published and private APIs growing exponentially in the last few years, the need for standardization of describing, documenting and testing APIs has become more urgent. Two Standards At BinaryOps.io we have two major use cases...


API Security and 5 ways to limit your exposure

Posted by Mark on 21 Jul, 2015

With nearly 15,000 items published in the ProgrammableWeb API repository, it seems that the API economy is booming. That's great for users who get access to services and data integrated into everyday life, it can also catch them by surprise when...


Using a BinaryOps API with jQuery

Posted by Mark on 07 May, 2015

Another quick and easy way to use the BinaryOps API is with the ajax functions in jQuery. By adding a little bit of JavaScript to an otherwise static web page you can include data from your BinaryOps app, even if it's secured and requires a login....


Using a BinaryOps API with PHP and cURL

Posted by Mark on 07 Apr, 2015

With the availability of low-cost PHP hosting and the fact that nearly every development shop has at least one project hosted on PHP, it seems like a great place to start demonstrating how easy it is to use a BinaryOps REST API. Create a simple...


Dates and Times with the BinaryOps.io API

Posted by Mark on 15 Feb, 2015

TL;DR Send all dates to the BinaryOps API in UTC with an ISO Date format. Date only: “2015-02-16″ (If you’re creating this as a JavaScript Date object, make sure it’s in UTC!) Date with time: “2015-02-16T01:03:27.294Z” (new...


Securing your API with BinaryOps

Posted by Mark on 05 Feb, 2015

When designing software there’s always a balance between flexibility and complexity. On one hand you could design for every conceivable situation, but trying to explain it simply would be impossible. On the other hand, you could design something...


Why use BinaryOps for your next Application?

Posted by Admin on 17 Jan, 2015

When it comes to building Web applications, there’s so many things to do before you can even have something to show for your efforts. Building web apps the old way Create and host database Design and build your structures Design user...


Why are developers flocking to API services?

Posted by Admin on 08 Oct, 2014

More people than ever before are turning to portable network devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops etc. With more people, comes more data and with everyone connected to the internet all the time, the natural place to store data is in the...